Sometimes dental extractions are necessary.

Significant tooth damage, extreme deterioration, or late-stage gum disease can make other dental procedures impossible.

However, a tooth extraction should never be super painful or last forever. When you need a tooth extraction, Keisha B. Davis, DDS, PA, provides a quick procedure time with minimal pain during and after the extraction.

How Tooth Extraction Works

A dentist does not just gleefully pull out a tooth while the patient writhes in pain. A dentist prepares to keep the procedure short and as pain-free as possible for the patient's comfort.

Here's what happens before, during, and after a tooth extraction:

  • The dentist gives you anesthesia: To ensure you have minimum pain, the dentist numbs your mouth.
  • The dentist opens up the socket: Because a tooth is rooted in your jawbone, the dentist must first open up the socket where your tooth is. He or she does this by pushing the tooth back and forth until the socket inflates.
  • The dentist removes the tooth: With the proper dental equipment, the dentist eases the tooth out of its socket.
  • The dentist shuts up the empty socket: To ensure there is no infection, the dentist clears away dental tissue, washes out the socket, trims down excessive bone, downsizes the expanded socket, stitches up the open socket, and puts gauze over the extracted site to help fight excessive bleeding and infection.
  • The dentist helps with post-extraction pain management: For an hour after the extraction, you press down on gauze the dentist put in your mouth and put an ice pack to your mouth to suppress potential swelling.
  • The dentist gives you post-extraction instructions: Your dentist provides instructions on what to and what not to do during the post-extraction stage. An example might be limiting your physical activity for the next day.

If you have questions about any part of the tooth extraction process, please consult your dentist.

How Tooth Extraction Helps

Despite what you may think of tooth extractions, this procedure offers many benefits for your overall smile:

  • It provides pain relief from the infected tooth: People can experience distressing pain from the bad tooth. After a successful tooth extraction, that pain is gone.
  • It is affordable compared to other dental options: Often, a tooth extraction is the only alternative to a root canal. A tooth extraction is significantly less expensive.
  • It provides you with options for your new smile: Your dentist can help you regain a gorgeous smile with a bridge, implant, or dentures.

A tooth extraction can open up a new world of possibilities for your smile.

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